Breton Kaiser-Shinn illustrated The Dragon of Emerhill. Names and places for this book came from a wide variety of sources, including French Breton mythology, art history, and French geography. The character names came from Gaelic, French, German, and Irish.

He attended two yearly Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conferences at Book Passage in Corte Madera. He worked on the novel with writing coach Andrea Alban. He participates in writing groups such as Kid Lit Salon with writer Amy Novesky. He attends the Writer's Tribe(TM) with Andrea Alban at BOOK PASSAGE in Corte Madera each month. He is finishing a two-year Liberal Arts degree at College of Marin in the next few years.

His poems were featured in the College of Marin's literary magazine, Glass Magazine in 2014-2015.

Breton founded Breton K Designs, a fledgling business. Breton creates jewelry, custom party invitations, and fine art for children’s rooms. He exhibited a handmade book at College of Marin’s Artist Book Show in 2011. He is an artist with an A.A. in Art.

Breton W Kaiser Taylor began writing in 2008, wanting to share his experiences with kidney failure with a young teen audience. He was on Dialysis life support for 17 years. He was blessed to receive a second transplant in 2006. Breton's experiences with illness began at age 13. The author was moved to provide a story about a child's need for independence and individuation.