In  The Dragon of Emerhill,  Princess  Noreia  befriends  a  powerful  dragon.  Noreia grieves the  loss of sailors and  fishermen  in a recent shipwreck.  She  is fearful, as she hears  her brother and father swear it is the work of the dragons!            

When the king decides to destroy the dragons upon their ancestral island, she plans a rebellion. She hides on board her father's royal warship, sailing to an island she has never seen.            

 When  the  ship  reaches  Dragonera  Island,  Noreia  seizes  her  chance  to  escape  her  father,  and hides  among  the trees. A  protective  mother  dragon  bursts  out of the  trees onto the beach.  She  rescues the orphaned dragon, and runs to find shelter.            

What will  happen to Noreia and her dragon friends? Can she stop her  father  in time?  With the help of three royal fairies, her trusted brother Argantael, and a charming set of grandmothers, she must listen to her heart, and place herself at risk to win the day.